Artist of the Day – Gregori Saavedra

While searching the internet for art I stumbled across Gregori Saavedra, a Spanish illustrator, born in 1968. He is a designer and creative art director, whose work includes video art for MTV, commercials and whose illustrations have been published by Die Gestalten Verlag, IdN Magazine, PigMag, as well as DPI Taiwan and Rojo.

I immediately loved his work.  Check out some of it below or go to his website at the bottom of this page.

[lg_folder folder=”01 Gregori Saavedra” count=”9″ cols=”3″ paging=”true”]

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  • Hi Elle,

    Great site. I also love art as well as music, although it’s been a while since I purchased any artwork.

    I have taken art classes quite recently but never have enough spare time to “create”. Always thinking of projects, but never applying my ideas.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Julie (from Australai)

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