Welcome to my art project !

While working on other things yesterday it occured to me – that it is all I do ! Do things that are not actually for ME but others! I am sure lots of people can relate.

So I decided I am gonna do something for ME. Just me, noone else. While time is still a factor (too much work) I thought I could squeeze some things in that won’t take much time AND be about what I like. Cool so far !

I always loved art. I drew and painted when I was young and became a designer because I love to draw and create. Colors, shapes, you name it, i loved them. history of art was part of my design studies and while I lived in NYC I went to every museum, every exhibition, every vernissage I could go to – even multiple times. I collected art books, fashion books and what not and spent hours in front of a single painting with my friends discussing it.

Life happened and while I still had the love I simply didn’t have the time to actively search out artists anymore.

Another artist (if I may call him that, to me he is) reminded me about how much I actually miss following creative people: singer/songwriter Rob Thomas . If you are not following him on twitter yet but appreciate art AND entertaining tweets I can only recommend him (if you aren’t a fan already).

So, this is the start of my website. If you happened to stumble across this … welcome 🙂


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  • Elle I have to congratulate you on this initiative! love the page! best wishes with your new project 🙂

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