Artist of the Day – Paul W. Ruiz

Artist of the Day – Paul W. Ruiz

Paul W. Ruiz is an Australian artist who studied Visual Arts at Melbourne University. Ruiz’s primary work was technology driven and spun across several industries while he found himself more and more fascinated by visual analysis, drawing and painting of the human figure. His first solo exhibition in Melbourne November 2005 was well received and Ruiz has since then found eager collectors in and outside of Australia.

Why I like his art:
The subjects of his paintings almost appear to have an emotionally dark photographs from a past like quality.

Visit his website for more of his paintings:

2 Responses to “Artist of the Day – Paul W. Ruiz”

  1. thea field says:

    He is fantastic, i am currently trying to do a project on him but i can’t find background info, such as when he was born ect. Any help?

    • elle says:

      Thanks for visiting my site :) Have you tried to contact him via his website ? He also answers questions on his blog. Good luck with your project. Hope you can find the information you need.


  1. Danielle - Almost forgot to upload Artist of the Day - Paul W. Ruiz

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