Artist of the Day – James Roper

Artist of the Day – James Roper

James Roper is an english artist born in 1982. He mimics bodily structures found within nature by constructing abstract bodies formed from multiple elements giving his art an anime like feel. Roper is heavily influenced by the excessive and sensuously rich imagery of Baroque art and it’s depiction of the unfettering of religious restraint.

His work has been shown in London, Milan, Los Angeles, New York, among others and has been published in magazines like Dazed and Confused and Art Review. He has been brought to my attention by a Spanish gallery and while I usually show only my favorite artists he warrants a place on my site as I instantly liked his work.

You can see his work here:
James Roper “Paroxysm” 18.05.2010 – 16.06.2010
ROJO®artspace Barcelona Carrer Girona 61. 08009 Barcelona, Spain

For more of his art please visit his website

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  1. Jill Tovey says:

    I had forgotten how much I love his work, thanks for the reminder!


  1. Danielle - Artist of the Day - James Roper #artistoftheday Check him out :)
  2. Natascha - RT @agirlnamed_elle: Artist of the Day - James Roper

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